The upstream plantation business is a long-term proposition, given the 25 year productive lifespan of oil palm trees. Our strategy since inception is to be an upstream-focused agri-business that owns and operates good quality plantations assets and possesses processing capabilities to add value to our upstream produce. This strategy will bring the best returns to shareholders over the long run.

Being an efficient and productive upstream producer has enabled us to maintain a low cost structure and to deliver superior margins throughout economic and commodity cycles as well as to maximise the earnings potential of our assets. This has given us greater resilience through price cycles. Our ability to process all current and future upstream produce will ensure that we can capture the additional margins available from these value-added activities.

We aspire to be a socially and environmentally responsible palm oil franchise whose backbone is a sizeable and profitable plantation operation that continuously gives back to the community through structured programmes aimed at enhancing the livelihoods of those who live within or around our estates.

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