First Resources observes a strict zero-burning policy in our land clearing and preparation process for all new developments as well as future replanting. Instead, we mechanically clear land in preparation for new plantings and harness the organic contents within fallen, decomposing biomass to replenish plantation soil. Our zero-burning policy is communicated to both employees and contractors and any non-compliance can result in termination of employment or contracts.


Our plantations are vulnerable to forest fires that can ignite due to extreme dry and hot weather, accidents, or deliberate slash and burn agriculture practices. These fires not only release air pollutants that affect air quality, but are also hazardous to our plantation assets and our workers. To safeguard our plantations against such fire risks, we have fire hazard monitoring and management processes in place. Measures include:

Satellite Monitoring

We detect and monitor hotspots by using satellite information and overlaying them with our plantation boundary maps. Ground verification is then conducted on satellite hotspots that appear within our plantation boundaries.

• Fire danger index

We have developed a fire danger index to help us assess fire risks. The index is determined by taking into account four important factors - humidity level, number of days without any rainfall, total rainfall in the past 15 days, and general condition of vegetation (grass) in the estate.

• Mapping of fire-prone areas

We map fire-prone areas in all of our plantations and the maps are regularly updated to ensure accuracy. Warning signages are placed near the fire-prone areas to alert and increase the awareness among our employees, contractors, and others who have access to these areas.

Daily patrols and briefings

Our security personnel conduct daily patrols focusing on identified fire-prone areas, worker housing areas and areas adjacent to local villages. We also increase the frequency of patrols during dry seasons. In addition, all workers are reminded during their daily briefings to report any fires spotted within our plantations and its surrounding areas.

• Establishing fire lookout towers

We establish fire lookout towers within our plantations, where necessary, to improve fire detection.

• Maintaining a competent firefighting team

We maintain firefighting teams in all our plantations. These teams are equipped with up-to-date fire-fighting equipment and proper skills through regular trainings and fire drills.

Should a fire be detected within or near our plantations, the fire management team will be mobilised to extinguish the fire. Employees and villages nearby will be alerted and the evacuation protocol will be executed. Assistance from the local fire department will be sought if necessary. We document and report all incidents of fire within or near our plantations to the local authorities. Further investigations will also be carried out to determine the origin and cause of fire.

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